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PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute):
Resources and support for the petroleum marketing, service station and fuel storage equipment industry.

American Petroleum Institute:
The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.

Texas Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association:
The Texas Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (TPCA) was formed in 1949 under the name Texas Oil Jobbers Association (TOJA) to serve the common regulatory, legislative, and educational needs of businesses engaged in the distribution of wholesale fuel, retail fuel, and lube oils.

The Petroleum Marketers Association of America:
The Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) is a federation of 47 state and regional trade associations representing approximately 8,000 independent petroleum marketers nationwide.

Environmental Protection Agency:
EPA leads the nation’s environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts. The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people.

Wayne Fueling Systems:
Wayne Fueling systems are forging new directions with advanced technology that enables fuel retailers to do more with less. A global innovator of retail and fleet fuel dispensers and technologies, Wayne Fueling systems is leading the way with technological advances on multiple fronts, from eco-fuel solutions and regulation-compliant pay-at-the-pump security to multimedia marketing and groundbreaking site control systems. Wayne Fueling systems has come a long way since the first oil pump in 1891, and we continue to focus on a future of ever-expanding possibilities.

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