EMV Compliance Deadline Looms

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EMV Compliance Deadline Looms

The deadline for gas stations in the US to upgrade their pumps to accept EMV was extended to April 2021, allowing more time to comply with the new EMV standard to pay at the pump. If not in compliance, the gas station owners themselves will assume #expensive liabilities for payment card fraud at their stations.

As of a survey conducted in August 2020, It is suggested that 47% of significant petroleum merchants were not yet prepared to meet the April 2021 deadline and a further 20% are still in the planning phase of their EMV upgrade. This means there are most definitely going to be delayed for some gas station owners in the coming months. We would urge you to choose PumpTex inc as your petroleum service company in Central Texas & South West Louisiana, and allow us to guide you through the process as smoothly as possible. Let’s keep you pumping.

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