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Pump Calibration

Fuel Pump Calibration is an essential part of your routine forecourt maintenance. Properly calibrated pumps can help to detect and prevent costly fuel loss as a result of leaks, temperature issues, vapor loss, and dispensing errors.

Over-dispensing at the pump can have a negative impact on your profit margins since customers could be dispensing more fuel than they are paying for. Even if the calibration is only slightly off, it adds up over the course of the year. Similarly, if your pumps are under-dispensing, it could earn you a bad reputation among customers who feel they are being short-changed at the pump. If customers start to avoid your forecourt in favor of another more accurate one, then you are going to start losing money.

At Pumptex, inc. we offer pump calibration services to make sure that you are dispensing the correct amount of fuel at all times.

Benefits of Pump Calibration

  • Increased Profits
  • Limit Fuel Theft & Fraud
  • Reduce Fuel Loss & Operational Costs
  • Helps Detect
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