Should You Avoid Synthetic Fabrics At The Gas Pump

Should You Avoid Synthetic Fabrics At The Gas Pump

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We've all been warned not to use a cellphone at the gas pump, but did you know certain synthetic fabrics could also be a danger as there is a danger of static electricity building up and causing a spark!

The myth that using your cell phone at the gas pump could cause an explosion has pretty much been debunked these days since there has never been a single incident of this happening. However, most gas stations still display 'No Cell Phone' signs because they do cause static electricity, so in theory, a spark could be created and as the saying goes - better safe than sorry! The main reason for the signs is probably to avoid distraction while pumping your gas!

However, one source of static electricity that is not on the warning signs at the gas station is synthetic clothing! This is much more likely to build up a static charge and cause a spark than any cell phone! However, the odds are still fairly unlikely!

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