Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Options

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Options

As your chosen petroleum service company, one of the services that PumpTex can offer is the supply, installation, and servicing of your above ground fuel storage tanks. There are a variety of different options available in terms of above ground storage tanks. PumpTex can offer advice on the best model to suit your needs, and we will be happy to walk you through the options. However, let's briefly examine some of the above ground storage tank options and their key features to help you make an informed decision.


The FIREGUARD® above-ground storage tank is a double-wall fire-protected option with both an inner and outer steel tank and a unique thermal insulation material. This insulation exceeds the UL 2-hour fire test and is 75% lighter than concrete, drastically reducing installation and relocation costs. Some of the key features of this particular above-ground storage tank include the following:

  • The product in the tank is insulated from ambient temperature variations to reduce environmental emissions
  • Standard testing procedures can be used to test the tightness of primary and secondary tanks on site
  • Steel outer wall offers low maintenance protection from weathering
  • Both the primary storage tank and the secondary containment are compatible with a range of fuels and chemicals including biodiesel and ethanol
  • Various support designs are available to suit any seismic activity requirements
  • Leak detection can be monitored within the interstitial space
  • When constructed with 6 inches of insulation, the tank meets temperature requirements during 4-hour furnace testing

The FIREGUARD® above ground storage tank is available in capacities up to 75,000 gallons and is built to meet national STI standards. The steel construction allows for recycling and low-cost compartment customization.


The FLAMESHIELD® above ground storage tank has been manufactured using a tight-wrap double wall design with built-in secondary containment and the capability for interstitial monitoring. The FLAMESHIELD® meets 2-hour fire testing requirements. Some of the key features of this model include:

  • FLAMESHIELD® has passed a 2 hour 2000 degree fire test
  • Interstitial space has the capacity for monitoring leak detection
  • Standard testing procedures can be used to test the tightness of primary and secondary tanks on site
  • Compatible with a variety of fuels and chemicals
  • Additional integral support options are available, including saddles and skids to support any seismic requirement
  • Vertical tanks can be supported on legs and skirted


The F921® above-ground storage tank features a steel double-wall design and is known for offering performance and reliability. With an impermeable secondary containment and built-in interstitial monitoring potential, the F921® above ground storage tank is a popular economy option. Some of the key features of the F921® model include:

  • Compliant with UL 142 standards, this steel aboveground tank for flammable and combustible liquids
  • Boasts a double‐wall design that provides built-in impermeable secondary containment, meeting EPA SPCC requirements seamlessly.
  • On-site tightness testing for both primary and secondary tanks can be conducted using standard procedures, or manufacturers may opt to ship with a vacuum in the interstice to validate the integrity of both walls during installation
  • Efficient leak detection is facilitated by monitoring the interstitial space
  • The primary storage tank and secondary containment are versatile, accommodating a wide spectrum of fuels and chemicals
  • Support designs are available to meet various seismic requirements, including saddles and skids
  • Vertical tanks come with support options such as legs or skirts, all accompanied by a listing label
  • Capacities extending up to 75,000 gallons


A reliable and robust foundation for your backup or emergency power needs, the GEN-TANK® Generator Base Tank ensures steadfast support for your power generator. With its innovative low-profile design, GEN-TANK® not only functions as the structural backbone for mounting the generator but also offers storage for a comprehensive reserve of diesel fuel essential for optimal generator performance. Some of the key features of GEN-TANK® include:

  • Designated as a Special Purpose Tank by UL
  • Protected tank construction to UL2085
  • Conduct on-site tightness tests effortlessly using standard procedures for both the primary and secondary tanks.
  • Stay vigilant for leak detection through the monitoring of the interstitial space.
  • The primary storage tank and secondary containment are engineered to be compatible with an extensive array of fuels and chemicals while remaining impermeable to all petroleum products and vapors
  • Specifically designed for storing diesel fuel for emergency and backup generators, the steel construction ensures unparalleled strength and durability
  • Embracing a low-profile rectangular design, these tanks are available in sizes reaching up to 103" in overall height, up to 186" in width, and customizable lengths up to 60,000 gallons
  • The flange-type design features external supports with an impressive load-bearing capacity of 6,000 lbs per attachment point
  • A protected tank design with internal supports that won't interfere with enclosure cabinets boasts a remarkable load-bearing capacity of up to 17,500 lbs. per support beam

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above-ground storage tank options listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team by emailing sales@pumptex.com or calling 888-906-7867.

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