Routine Dispenser And Point-Of-Sale Repairs

Our customers can range from a Multi-Chain Station to a "Mom and Pop" station. We enjoy working with all sizes of retail petroleum service providers, and the one thing that they have in common is that they need to be up and running at all times. Our customers receive increased efficiency, less downtime, and pro-active recommendations even before an incident. We are keeping things pumping!

We can achieve this through our routine dispenser and point-of-sale repairs. If your pumps have that dreaded out of order bag on them, customers are going to keep on driving by to the next station. That's the last thing we want for our customers. We consider ourselves the first responders of the retail petroleum industry. It is our mission to get repairs done right the first time on the first visit so that we can keep you pumping.

Routine Dispenser and Point-of-Sale Repairs

Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience in their favor. We also invest in continuing training and education to keep them at the cutting edge of new technology. Through a combination of excellent product knowledge and finely tuned diagnostic skills, they can pinpoint the cause of your problem quickly and accurately. Once they identify the necessary repair, they can follow up on our first-time fix policy because every technician has an inventory of replacement parts on their truck, eliminating the need to waste time ordering in the required items for routine dispenser and point-of-sale repairs. This allows us to offer a faster and more efficient response time and lets us keep you pumping.

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It's time to bring a new level of customer service to the retail petroleum service industry.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Customer Support & Guidance

    We search for the “WOW” moment in each and every customer interaction. Our team is known in the industry to have the best customer service and follow-up in our industry.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Partnership With Our Clients

    As a team, we also work intelligently to provide a valuable and tailored experience to each of our customers. We derive a great sense of pride from engaging our customers in a professional relationship.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Innovative Technologies Guidance

    Any client, vendor or media provider interacting with PumpTex discerns that our unique culture and operating practices separate us from our competitors and are drawn to our way of doing business.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Real-Time Solutions

    We offer real-time solutions to the problems our clients experience. Being a resource to our customers and becoming their eyes and ears in the field enables them to maximize uptime and profits.

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