Benefits of Upgrading Your Gas Pumps

Benefits of Upgrading Your Gas Pumps

When stopping to fill it, these consumers serve as a captive audience at your pump for the few minutes while they fill up. If they engage with outdated, archaic pumps, as a gas station owner, you could be losing out. Upgrading your pumps should be on the forefront of your mind for many reasons.

The Reasons

If you own a station and are involved with fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas, you should know that upgrading your pump will provide various benefits to your business. Besides admiring fresh, new equipment installed at your station, implementing upgrades gives you many advantages -

  • Acquiring and keeping customers. By investing initial funds to upgrade your pumps, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition with the newest pump technology. Consider new customer acquisition and retention by offering newly upgraded pumps. Customer experience can be a make or break thing. If your pumps boast all the new bells and whistles, you’re likely to create a positive experience for your customers to want to come back.
  • Incorporating strategy paired with new technologies. Stepping back to take a look at the whole picture and how this all ties in benefits your business. By looking at the big picture and strategizing, your business involved in fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas helps you in the long run. One strategic example highlights stations ensuring EMV transactions are accepted at the pump during the Covid-19 pandemic. No one wanted to encounter an unfamiliar face during the height of the pandemic. Station owners who strategized made transactions possible directly at the pump, removing unwanted face to face time with strangers.
  • Saving on costs. Implementing the newest technologies can save you in the long run, even if there’s an initial investment on your part. You can save big in the long run by avoiding unnecessary repairs on old equipment, wear and tear on your hoses and nozzles, meter creeping, etc. You’ll keep money in your pocket by upgrading and avoiding unneeded fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas.
  • Accelerating sales. With upgrades to the pumps and a positive customer experience, you can boost sales at your station. Offering enhanced security, efficiency, speed, and a friendly experience will ultimately assist in accelerated sales.
  • Taking advantage of warranties. If you decide on upgrades, the new equipment will fall under warranty. So even if you wind up facing frustrating repairs, it’s likely that the warranty will come to the rescue and take the financial impact of unwanted fixes.

When Your Pumps Become Outdated

Obviously keeping new and upgraded pumps benefit you and your business in many ways. If you keep putting your enhancements off, you’re risking more than just a few positive impacts to your station. With waiting too long, there may be deeper implications you may not have considered. Thousands of stations found out the hard way once gasoline prices hit a whole new threshold.

Some mom and pop gas stations throughout the US never upgraded their pumps and still sell their product via manual dial dispensers. This became a problem once fuel prices broke the $3.99 per gallon threshold. Though customers might have undergone a nostalgic experience at these pumps, the station owners didn’t smile while reminiscing on old times. Those pumps, even ones who need fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas, were forced to face the reality of expensive to maintain pumps and ones that couldn’t handle a new price threshold.

Some older pumps out there cannot surpass $99.99 in gas sales. So owners of larger vehicles were forced to stop their pumping experience early. It’s estimated that as many as 8,500 stations in the US operate like this and are severely outdated.

Some of these stations that have been forced to upgrade are now helplessly sitting on a waiting list to address their old-fashioned pumps. As an owner of a station using fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas, it’s best to avoid operating pumps that wind up aging out and turning irrelevant.

Thinking ahead, strategizing, and upgrading to the cutting edge of technology provides the benefit of promoting your station to the front of the pack. With proactive measures and upgrades to places involved in fuel pump repair in Dallas, Texas, your station can reap the benefits of offering the newest and latest to all of the customers out there forced to fill up as their hungry car shuttles them around on their daily lives.

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