Choosing a Petroleum Services Company in Houston Texas for Your Preventative Maintenance

Choosing a Petroleum Services Company in Houston Texas for Your Preventative Maintenance

Every single minute that one of your fuel dispensers is down is lost profits for you and your business. The best way to minimize such downtime is to invest in preventative maintenance to keep all of your equipment in good working order and reduce the chances of any significant malfunctions within your fuel delivery systems. Choosing a petroleum services company in Houston, Texas, to carry out this preventative maintenance is an excellent place to start!

What is Covered by a Preventative Maintenance Plan?

When you engage the services of a petroleum services company in Houston Texas, to take care of preventative maintenance at your location, you can expect a range of planned and reactive maintenance services to help keep your dispensers and your point of sale equipment pumping all year round! A petroleum services company in Houston, Texas, such as PumpTex, will look after all areas of the fuel delivery system including:

  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Tanks
  • Gauges
  • Overfill Protection Valves
  • Forecourt Pipework & Fuel Tank Maintenance
  • Vapor Recovery Maintenance & Installation
  • Contamination & Water Removal
  • Software Upgrades
  • LED Lighting
  • Point of Sale Maintenance
  • EMV/PCI Maintenance
  • Pump Calibration

By taking the time to service and inspect all of these elements regularly, our technicians will be able to spot and repair any issues before they become a noticeable problem to you and your customers. PumpTex technicians carry a range of parts allowing them to fix the majority of problems on the spot without the need for a return visit.

Investing in Inventory for the First Time Fix

If you are in doubt about whether or not you should choose PumpTex to be your petroleum services company in Houston, Texas, you will be convinced when you learn more about our first-time fix pledge. We have heavily invested in our inventory of parts to allow the fastest possible facilitation of repairs. Every single one of our fully qualified technicians carries a fully-stocked inventory of parts in their truck. This will enable them to fix a problem immediately during their first visit. There is no waiting around to order in the right parts or book a different technician. In 99.9% of cases, we can fix it right, fix it the first time, and on the first trip. We are committed to keeping you pumping.

We Keep You Pumping!


PumpTex, Inc. was founded in 1997 in the back of a garage with the dream of bringing a new level of customer service to the retail petroleum service industry. Over the years, we have grown to become a valuable resource to our customers. Many consider us to be the first responders of the retail petroleum service industry!

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It's time to bring a new level of customer service to the retail petroleum service industry.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Customer Support & Guidance

    We search for the “WOW” moment in each and every customer interaction. Our team is known in the industry to have the best customer service and follow-up in our industry.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
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    As a team, we also work intelligently to provide a valuable and tailored experience to each of our customers. We derive a great sense of pride from engaging our customers in a professional relationship.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
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    Any client, vendor or media provider interacting with PumpTex discerns that our unique culture and operating practices separate us from our competitors and are drawn to our way of doing business.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
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    We offer real-time solutions to the problems our clients experience. Being a resource to our customers and becoming their eyes and ears in the field enables them to maximize uptime and profits.

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