Dynamic Duo… Pump and POS Upgrades for a Powerful Operation

Dynamic Duo… Pump and POS Upgrades for a Powerful Operation

When it comes to the technology used in the retail fuel industry, it is often a case of 'blink and you might miss it. New technologies designed to streamline fuel dispensing and payments blazes on, so it is crucial that your gas stations stays on top of the latest developments in the industry. At PumpTex, we don't only offer fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX we are also continually monitoring the latest advances in fueling technology so we can recommend the latest options to our customers.

Gas stations that sit stagnant in their setup can find themselves left in the dust as the rest of the gas stations in town modernize their forecourts using the latest technology. Pumptex stands firmly at the forefront of those advances so we’re best able to assist our clients with ever-evolving needs.

Two of the most significant needs that are often seen with our clients handling fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX revolve around the POS solutions and the fuel pumps themselves. If a consumer is visiting your business, it’s most likely they’re standing at your pump for a few minutes giving you a captive audience while holding the nozzle to dispense gasoline. On top of that, they may be grabbing a quick snack from inside and need to interact with a POS system.

To ensure we’re servicing all our clients the best we can, we are always thinking of dynamic ways to bring you the latest dispenser and point of sale hardware to support your business now and into the future. Let’s take a look at a couple of setups that Pumptex can install and service. Implementing these options within your gas station can pack a punch in regard to your business operations.

Wayne DFS Anthem UX

One option that Pumptex offers for our clients in addition to fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX is the installation of new dispensers when the time comes for you to upgrade. We can highly recommend the Wayne DFS Anthem UX. This can be retrofitted on Ovation pumps, or a whole new dispenser can be installed. A combination of features paves the way toward a smoothly-running station. By implementing the platform you’ll foster customer loyalty and even drive consumers inside for a quick purchase (where they can interact with the Verifone C18).

Features –

  • Customized Experiences. This system doesn’t just let a gas-goer stand there while pumping staring at generic advertisements. The Wayne DFS Anthem UX boasts customized interactions that allow users to look up information they want to see (like the weather or traffic) while letting them even adjust the volume as they pump their gas.
  • Digital branding. Interactive screens display a variety of clips while a customer is filling their tank. The screens also offer the option to advertise loyalty programs.
  • Option to promote services at different times in the day. Target your audience depending on time of day. A Saturday afternoon late in August might be the perfect time to remind your customers that they should quench their exhaustive thirst with a sports drink.

Verifone C18

Not all customer interactions happen directly at the pump. Operating an attached convenience store serves as a perfect opportunity to complete a dynamic duo of technology by implementing the Verifone C18. Pumptex works with gas stations around Texas who are not only requiring fuel pump repair in San Antonio TX but who are also interested in installing powerful POS systems.

After the Wayne DFS Anthem UX pump experience drives your consumers inside to grab drinks and snacks, that’s where this in-store POS system takes over. Customers may not see all the benefits but your business will. Enjoy inventory tracking and monitoring. Never lose a stray pack of gum again. Also, take advantage of staff management and reporting features.

On the customer-front, transactions flow faster and flawlessly… all while you gain a better grasp on your consumers. Whether you’re a station needing fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX or anywhere else, the features provide an edge to your operations.

Features –

  • Monitor fuel states. With a simple glance, operators see pump calling, authorization, and dispensing.
  • Enable you, the owner, to control specific functionality.
  • Utility customization. This includes customized pallets for fuel, video security, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface. Transactions run quicker and flawlessly when the operator can easily jump around on the screens and select the needed options quickly.
  • Integration with other systems.

Pumptex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, proudly stays on the forefront of technology. On top of that, we focus on the newest products and most powerful combinations we can implement for gas station owners. The Wayne DFX Anthem UX combined with Verifone C18 packs a powerful punch to your business. Whether you’re interested in keeping customers entertained while filling up at the pump or attempting to provide a fast, easy purchase within the convenience store, these two products won’t disappoint.

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