Establishing a Cleaning Checklist For Your Gas Station

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If you want your customers to continue to use your gas station over nearby competitors, you need to make sure that it is a welcoming environment for them to visit. It goes without saying that your fuel dispensers need to be in good working order, and it helps to have the latest technologies available to allow things like contactless payments. These are all things that a petroleum service company like PumpTex can assist you with. However, there are also some steps that you can take on your own to make sure the forecourt and the dispensers look as attractive as possible. It all starts with creating a cleaning checklist that you and your staff can follow as part of your regular maintenance in between service visits from your petroleum service company.

1 - Clean Up Fuel & Oil Stains

Nobody wants to step out of their vehicle and put their foot into a puddle of oil or spilled fuel! Not only will it upset your customer, but it also makes your forecourt look dirty and uninviting. That's before we even get to the fact that it is a health and safety risk as well! Ensure all your staff are trained in dealing with fuel spills and oil leaks and that they are taken care of promptly. Make sure they know to wear protective items like gloves and goggles when cleaning up spills. You may want to have some spill recovery pads available for staff to use - or you can even use a clay-based kitty litter for more minor spills as it helps to absorb liquid and smells! Make sure you know the appropriate waste disposal regulations when it comes to getting rid of the waste. You may also want to power wash the concrete to prevent staining.

PRO TIP! Suppose the puddle of gas seems to be leaking from the dispenser rather than an accidental spillage by a customer. In that case, you should contact your petroleum service company immediately for an urgent service call.

2 - Clean Your Dispensers

You would be surprised at just how dirty your gas dispensers can get! Not only are they exposed to the elements, including exhaust fumes from thousands of cars passing through, but many people also touch them. Add to that potential leaks and customers spilling soda or coffee while they pump gas, and the pumps soon become nasty! You should clean them regularly with warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth. Never pressure wash them! Save that for the concrete! You will also need to be careful not to get water inside the card reader!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to examine your fuel dispenser's hoses, nozzles, and other components for signs of damage. If you see any potential issues, you can call your petroleum service company for repairs before it gets too serious!

3 - Restock Your Dispenser Island

Suppose you provide complimentary items to your customers at the dispenser island, such as gloves, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and a squeegee bucket for cleaning windshields. In that case, you must ensure that the area is kept tidy and well-stocked. Make sure there is a trash can for discarded items to be disposed of, and empty it often. The squeegee bucket, in particular, can get swampy and attract flies if it is sitting out for too long, so be sure to empty and refill it throughout the day.

4 - Take Out The Trash

We already mentioned dealing with any trash build-up at the dispenser islands, but it also applies to the entire forecourt. Make sure the trash cans are emptied regularly and that you have someone pick up any garbage from the ground periodically to keep everything looking neat and tidy. This can be part of a 10-minute clean-up at various points throughout the day to ensure everything looks good for your customers.

5 - Check Your Lightbulbs

One of the big things that can be offputting for customers is if your gas station looks dark and dingy! This is especially important at night because people on their own may not want to stop if they perceive your poorly lit forecourt to be unsafe. Take the time about once per week to check your lighting and ensure none of your bulbs have burnt out. If you do find areas that are not as well-lit as you might like, you can talk to a petroleum service company like PumpTex about LED lighting to give your gas station a bright and inviting new look.

Let's Talk Maintenance Checks

Keeping your gas station looking inviting to customers is not only about keeping it clean and tidy. You also need to ensure that all your equipment is functioning correctly. If a customer stops by to find your pumps out of order and has to drive down the street to the next gas station, there is a good chance that they will never return! Talk to your petroleum service company about scheduling preventative maintenance inspections for your gas station. A qualified technician will inspect your dispensers and other equipment to make sure that everything is as it should be and note any potential issues that could escalate if not addressed quickly. As a gas station owner, you can also do walk-around checks to keep an eye on things between professional visits. You need to look for leaks and cracks in your hoses or nozzles, check your dispenser sumps for leaks and other issues, and ensure your spill buckets are in good condition.

If you need help getting a maintenance schedule together for your gas station, talk to PumpTex today. We are ready and waiting to be your petroleum service company.

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