Fuel & Oil Tank Decommissioning Services

Fuel & Oil Tank Decommissioning Services

In addition to offering gas pump repair in Texas and Louisiana, PumpTex also provides a range of additional services, including construction, maintenance, and fuel and oil tank decommissioning services. We are your full-service petroleum service company.

What is Tank Decommissioning?

Tank decommissioning is the process of removing an oil or fuel tank that is no longer in use. It is a specialized service that a qualified petroleum service company must carry out to meet important safety requirements and minimize the environmental impact. At PumpTex, every tank decommissioning service we undertake will be carried out in accordance with all necessary industry and environmental standards. Our priority is always safety and customer satisfaction.

Fuel Tank Decommissioning In Situ

Fuel tanks can be permanently closed or decommissioned in situ by emptying the tank and filling it with an inert material in order to render it safe. Some of the steps that a petroleum service company like PumpTex will take may include the following:

  1. Draining all pipelines associated with the tank to remove any residual fuel
  2. The tank then needs to be bottomed out by removing the remaining fuel and other deposits sitting below the pump suction pipeline. This step must be done by a qualified petroleum service company using either a hand pump or a flame-retardant electric pump.
  3. The tank’s atmosphere will then be inerted using either nitrogen foam or carbon dioxide in accordance with HSE Guidance Note CS15.
  4. All pipework will then be disconnected and flushed through before capping the end of any pipeline that was previously connected to the tank. The tank lid should also be removed.
  5. The area directly surrounding the tank should be treated as a hazardous area in preparation for filling the tank, and your petroleum service company will take any appropriate steps to ensure no ignition takes place.
  6. Now that all of the preparations have been made, it is time to fill the tank with concrete slurry. A vibrating device may be used to assist the slurry reaching the extremities of the tank. Once the slurry has reached an appropriate level, the manhole chamber can be filled with concrete to seal the tank opening.

Fuel Tank Decommissioning via Removal

Removing the tank completely may be necessary rather than filling it in. If this is the route you will be going down, the petroleum service company should ensure that the tank is safe before any excavation work can occur. The steps that will be carried out should resemble the following:

  1. Drain all of the associated pipelines to remove any residual fuel or oil.
  2. Bottom out the tank using the same process described above for decommissioning in situ. Again, we must reiterate that a qualified petroleum service company must do this.
  3. Fill the tank with water to make sure there is a liquid seal. If the tank leaks, alternative steps will be outlined below.
  4. Disconnect the pipelines, excluding the vent pipes, and add more water to the tank until water is visible at the opening of the vent pipe. Then, cap off any pipelines that were previously connected to the tank.

If the tank leaks, once it is bottomed out, it should be inerted using carbon dioxide or nitrogen foam and then sealed without adding water.

Your petroleum service company can begin excavation work after the tank has been prepared. This is done while the tank is full of water. Once the tank is ready to be lifted, the water should be emptied and disposed of using a hazardous waste contractor. The tank can then be removed either via an uplift or by cutting it into pieces to remove it. The tank must be disposed of appropriately, and the recipient of the waste materials must be aware that it was previously used as oil or fuel storage so that they can take the appropriate precautions to avoid fire or explosions when handling it.

Why Choose PumpTex for Tank Decommissioning?

If you have an oil or fuel tank that needs to be decommissioned, you need a petroleum service company you can trust to handle the job safely and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. At PumpTex, everything we do follows a simple set of core values that help to guide us in our mission to create customer service moments that wow our customers. Those core values are as follows:

  • Respect - Mutual respect is essential in creating a successful business relationship. We respect our customers, staff, and other people we come into contact with daily.
  • Deliver Value - We believe in doing everything possible to deliver value to our customers. That means having the right products, the best training, and the most experienced technicians. We want to exceed your expectations.
  • Communicate - Projects like tank decommissioning can be complex as there are many steps to take and various regulations to satisfy. That’s why we communicate with our customers to keep them informed of our progress and the next steps.
  • Improve - We believe that we can do better! We are always on the lookout for new things that help improve our services, whether it is a new product or a new technique our technicians need to learn. We are always looking ahead to what comes next in the industry.

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