Gas Station Maintenance to Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

Gas Station Maintenance to Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

You are losing money when your gas pumps or other equipment is out of order or not functioning at its optimal level. That is why you must maintain this equipment to a high standard and ensure that you do not neglect preventative care and maintenance.

If you want to make sure that your gas station is fully functional at all times and avoid the need for extensive gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, you can take a few maintenance steps to keep things in good condition. They say that prevention is better than a cure. When you are dealing with something like a fuel dispenser that is made up of many small moving parts, regular checks are a great way to catch potential problems early and avoid the need for extensive repairs when it goes unchecked for too long. Here are just a few maintenance tips you can add to your routine to reduce the frequency of costly repairs.

Check the Flow Rate

One of the regular checks you should be performing as part of your routine preventative maintenance would be to check the flow rate on your dispensers. It should generally sit at approximately 9gpm; anything lower means the flow rate is poor, and maintenance may be required. Contact Pumptex for gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Check Your Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are an essential part of your gas pump. When your fuel is contaminated and gets into your customers’ vehicles, it can affect performance and even damage their engines. You want to avoid this, so you must have fuel filters installed to filter out any contaminants in your fuel. You will also need to check these regularly for evidence of any significant contamination that may need to be addressed.

Keep Water Out

Water is bad news for your underground storage tanks. Water is full of many different microorganisms that can contaminate your fuel. As noted above, dirty or contaminated fuel can cause damage to your customers’ engines if it gets into their vehicles, so it is in your best interest - and theirs - to ensure water doesn’t get into your fuel tanks. It is essential to check for water regularly and keep it out of the fill pipe sump. When water collects in the sump, it usually ends up entering the tank. If you are not confident checking this on your own, remember that Pumptex doesn’t only offer gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX; we also provide preventative maintenance and compliance inspections to help minimize the need for extensive repairs.

Use Biocide to Control Microbial Contamination

The soluble biocide can be added to your fuel tank to eradicate microbial contamination, potentially harmful fungi, and yeasts. The EPA recommends using biocides in all underground storage tanks to help minimize contamination. It is important to note that even if the biocide successfully kills the microbes, there could still be an underlying issue that triggered them in the first place, such as sludge on the bottom of the fuel tank. Talk to your provider of gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, about how to remove sludge and other debris from your fuel tanks.

Create a Clean Routine

You might overlook your daily cleaning routine when it comes to the preventative maintenance of your gas station. However, this matters a lot more than you might think. With an excellent cleaning routine, you and your employees can minimize the need for gas pump repairs in San Antonio, TX, and prevent a build-up of debris damaging your dispensers. You will be more likely to notice if something is not quite right. Here is our recommended clean routine for gas stations.

  1. Empty the trash cans and restock the pump island with gloves, paper towels, and windshield cleaning supplies
  2. Sweep around the pump islands and along your exterior walkways
  3. Check and clean your restroom regularly throughout the day
  4. Deal with any spills or oil spots on the forecourt
  5. Clean the dispenser screen, keypad, nozzles, and hoses
  6. Check for any loose hoses, cracked casings, and other signs of general wear and tear on your dispensers

Keeping your gas station clean and tidy will help you keep on top of potential damage and make it look more attractive to your customers. When there are multiple gas stations in town, nobody will choose the dirty one with overflowing trash! They will drive a few blocks to visit the cleaner, more modern gas station.

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