Gas Station Maintenance Will Keep You Pumping

Gas Station Maintenance Will Keep You Pumping

If you own or operate a gas station, you already know that it can be an expensive business to be in! When one or more of your fuel dispensers is offline, your profits go down. If your gas pumps are out of order and customers have to drive on to the next gas station, they may never return. That's why it is crucial to stay on top of gas station maintenance to keep you pumping! At PumpTex, we don't just offer gas pump repair in Central Texas and Louisiana when your equipment breaks down; we also offer preventative maintenance visits to help minimize those breakdowns. Let's look at preventive maintenance tasks to help keep your gas station pumping.

Cleaning The Fuel Dispensers

Let's be clear, the big money maker in your gas station is the dispensers. If you can't pump gas, you don't have customers, and you won't be able to upsell additional items like drinks and snacks. It is important to look after them properly to ensure they last as long as possible and don't need frequent visits for gas pump repair in Central Texas and Louisiana. One preventative maintenance task you can complete yourself is cleaning the dispensers regularly. We recommend a quick examination and cleaning approximately once weekly to keep your pumps in tip-top condition. Spend a few minutes checking the filters, hoses, nozzles, joints, and fittings, looking for leaks, loose fittings, and cracks. If you notice anything of concern, drop PumpTex a call, and we can arrange for the appropriate gas pump repairs in Central Texas and Louisiana. Once you have checked for damage, cleaning the dispensers is the next step. You can use a mild detergent or degreaser to wipe down the pump's nozzles, hoses, and exterior surfaces. As a general rule of thumb, any detergent suitable for cleaning a car is acceptable to use on your dispensers.

Check Underground Storage Tanks

The underground storage tanks are a significant concern in any gas station. Leaks here can create a significant hazard not just to public safety but also to the environment. Of course, any leaks also mean losing fuel, which will cost you money too. It is essential to check your overfill alarms regularly to ensure they are in good working order. You will also need to meet the necessary compliance standards for underground storage tanks as per the guidelines laid out by TCEQ in Texas and DEQ in Louisiana. These are not the only compliance standards you need to follow as a gas station operator; other equipment also needs to be regularly inspected and maintained in addition to the Underground Storage Tanks. Why not talk to PumpTex about adding regular compliance inspections to your maintenance plans?

Create a Checklist for Common Problem Areas

Certain gas station areas are frequent problem areas when it comes to maintenance. When you know these areas, you can make a maintenance checklist to monitor them between maintenance visits to ensure you notice problems as soon as they develop. This can help you avoid the need for emergency gas pump repair in Central Texas and Louisiana. Some of the common problem areas you need to keep an eye on include:

  • Fuel Dispenser Leaks
  • Broken Cables or Hoses
  • Missing Warning Labels or Compliance Decals
  • Check Fuel Gauge for Functionality
  • Leaks in Other Equipment

General Housekeeping

We've already mentioned cleaning your fuel dispensers regularly to help prevent the need for gas pump repair in Central Texas and Louisiana. Still, doing general cleaning and housekeeping throughout your location is also important. This is often overlooked as part of your preventative maintenance, but it matters more than you might think. Scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance is an excellent way to keep an eye on all aspects of your gas station's forecourt. When you are out there every few days emptying the trash, cleaning up spills, and doing general cleaning chores, you get to know the forecourt intimately, and it becomes easier to spot when something isn't quite right. For example, if you haven't paid much attention to your gas pumps for a few months, you might wonder if it is normal for the nozzle trigger to seem a little loose because you can't remember if it was always like that or not! However, if you clean it every week, you will know that it is not the norm and needs some attention.

Aside from helping spot the need for maintenance and repairs, a regular cleaning and housekeeping schedule for your gas station has the added benefit of making your forecourt more attractive to customers. If someone has the choice of an unkept gas station with grubby dispensers and overflowing trash cans or the clean and tidy gas station a block away, which one do you think they will favor? They will choose the clean gas station every time!

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