Here’s to 25 Years of PumpTex!

Here’s to 25 Years of PumpTex!

Rewinding 25 years takes you back over a couple of decades and into another century! In some ways, 1997 may feel like an eternity ago but in others, it was just yesterday. The artist Jewel poured her soul into her music back then and the movie, As Good As It Gets, dominated the box office. In that same year, Robert Peavey founded PumpTex, a company that would offer fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas, and the surrounding areas, on January 1st, 1997.

Robert started this endeavor for a sole purpose, “(I) wanted to start a pump company that has the happiest team members and customers in the industry. There was a real need in the petroleum equipment industry for a strong customer service-based pump company.” And with that, PumpTex, a leading light in fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas, was born.

The Past

PumpTex started out small. RaceTrac and Thomas Petroleum first needed fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Tx and can tout that they reside as original customers to PumpTex, from 25 years ago. Much has changed and these companies have watched the evolution of the industry with PumpTex.

Robert recalls the biggest change from 25 years ago resides with Point-of-sale technology. Since improve serves as a core value, the company advanced with the explosion of technology to remain current with the wants and needs of the customers. Point-of-sale innovation touched all industries and exploded in the 1990’s…. just when PumpTex was joining the ranks of gas fueling businesses.

Challenges and Triumphs

Just like any other business, starting out presents challenges and obstacles. For Robert, he noted it was dealing with the amount of business that came his way. In the beginning, demand was so strong that business had to be turned away for 11 months. That’s when Robert was finally able to hire his first employees to ease the strain. Having too much business can be considered a good problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless… especially when customers find themselves turned away to find another vendor.

With growing pains come successes and rewards. After establishing the company and growing it the right way, Robert recalls implementing the business structure correctly turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences at the company’s inception.

Through all of the challenges and triumphs over the past 25 years, PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas, has continued to grow and thrive.

Recipe for Success

Succeeding as a small company is no easy task. Some sobering statistics put this all into perspective.

  1. The average lifespan of a small business is only 8 ½ years
  2. Thanks to cash flow problems, 82% of companies fail
  3. Poor marketing efforts contribute to 14% of business failures
  4. Lack of capital, sub-par management, and poor planning often cause a business’ demise

PumpTex owner, Robert Peavey knew how he wanted to run his company and knew a key to success would center around operating, “people-focused with both customers and employees.” Mixing the desire to center on people with creating strong core values led to a 25-year history that continues to grow.

Where We’ve Landed

After a quarter century, PumpTex landed with a thriving business by employing 39 individuals (two of which have been here since 2003). Moving out of Robert’s garage into our headquarters in Beaumont, TX in 2000, the main office has a long-standing history in this location. Beaumont serves east Texas and Louisiana. The Buda office came later in order to better service our clients with locations in central Texas. You can hear Robert’s passion for his company by checking out the video on the ‘about us’ page.

Going Beyong A Company – It’s A Family

One crucial element that leads to PumpTex’s success is the people (the reason this all began). Some of Robert’s favorite parts of his work center around participating and sponsoring events such as, Gusher Marathon, sponsoring baseball/softball teams, and hosting customer picnics.. With his company offering fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas, some of the most positive and significant impact Robert has experienced in the past 25 years is, “hearing about successes of people on our team i.e., buying a house, sending a kid to college, getting married. People hitting life goals while a PumpTex team member.”

The Future

PumpTex, your trusted provider of fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas is proud to have serviced our customers and employees for the past 25 years. We intend on continuing down this successful path. As for what’s to come… we plan on implementing continued, steady growth into new markets in order to bring our level of services to the nation.

We Keep You Pumping!


PumpTex, Inc. was founded in 1997 in the back of a garage with the dream of bringing a new level of customer service to the retail petroleum service industry. Over the years, we have grown to become a valuable resource to our customers. Many consider us to be the first responders of the retail petroleum service industry!

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  • Customer Support & Guidance
    Customer Support & Guidance

    We search for the “WOW” moment in each and every customer interaction. Our team is known in the industry to have the best customer service and follow-up in our industry.

  • Customer Support & Guidance
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    As a team, we also work intelligently to provide a valuable and tailored experience to each of our customers. We derive a great sense of pride from engaging our customers in a professional relationship.

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    Any client, vendor or media provider interacting with PumpTex discerns that our unique culture and operating practices separate us from our competitors and are drawn to our way of doing business.

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    We offer real-time solutions to the problems our clients experience. Being a resource to our customers and becoming their eyes and ears in the field enables them to maximize uptime and profits.

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