Is It Time For You to Upgrade to The Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Fuel Dispenser

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Technology within the retail fueling industry is constantly advancing, and if your gas station or convenience store isn’t prepared to move with the times, you could be left behind! Customers are more demanding than ever before, so it is important for you to have fuel dispensers that meet their needs and help drive your profits. As your trusted petroleum service company in Central Texas, we recommend upgrading your gas pumps to the new Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Dispenser. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Fuel Dispensers Built to Last

When choosing the right fuel dispensers for your gas station or convenience store, one of the most important things to remember is that they need to be outside 24/7 and will be exposed to the elements. In addition to being able to handle extreme weather conditions and prolonged exposure to the elements, your fuel dispensers also need to stand up to rough treatment from your customers. That could mean people yanking too hard on the hoses or accidentally hitting the dispenser with their car door if they park too close! You need fuel dispensers that can survive this type of ongoing punishment. The Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Dispenser checks all of those boxes and more. With a streamlined bezel design, tempered glass, and metal columns, this fuel dispenser is built to withstand whatever you can throw at it.

Brandability, Style & Engagement

What’s the first thing your customers usually notice when they stop at your location? The fuel dispensers are very much the face of your business; they are the first thing your customers see and interact with, so they need to represent your brand. Old, broken-down dispensers make you look bad! The Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Dispenser gives a fresh, modern look with 25% more branding space than older Wayne dispensers. As a petroleum service company in Central Texas, we find that these new, cutting-edge dispensers help show your customers that you are clean, friendly, up-to-date, and ready to serve them.

User-Friendly & Secure

As a petroleum service company in Central Texas, we understand how important it is for your customers to feel comfortable using your dispensers. We recommend the Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Dispenser because it has a fantastic, intuitive design that helps streamline transactions for your customers. The Wayne Ovation models are also the only fuel dispensers currently on the market that are entirely ADA compliant, which is great for your customers who have accessibility needs. The dispensers also have state-of-the-art security features to give customers peace of mind that their transactions are secure.

Ovation Multi-Hose

The multi-hose option allows you to expand the fueling possibilities on your forecourt. The Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Dispenser can accommodate up to four hoses on each side of the dispenser, delivering up to 7 different grades of fuel. The dispenser also features advanced blending options for Dual Blending or Double Dual Blending to help save money and prevent fuel loss. If you are ready to upgrade your forecourt, call your petroleum service company to discuss your options.

Summary of Features

In summary, the Wayne Ovation Multi-House Dispenser has a wide range of highly beneficial features that can help take your gas station or convenience store to a whole new level. Speak with your petroleum service company in Central Texas today to arrange an upgrade and start enjoying these benefits and features:

  • Sleek, modern dispenser design
  • Corrosion-related cabinet design
  • ADA compliant even when island mounted
  • Option for secure alphanumeric keypad
  • Secure access lower door to prevent unauthorized access
  • One-step electronic meter calibration

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