Is it Time to Calibrate My Fuel Pumps?

Is it Time to Calibrate My Fuel Pumps?

If you own a business that pumps out gasoline, you can see gallons upon gallons of gas dispensed to your customers. Those gallons add up. Keeping exact measurements on how much flows out is critical. PumpTex serves as an expert on calibrating your fuel pumps. This is a service you’ll want to regularly consider ensuring that your pumps are flowing at optimal levels. So, why exactly should you care about fuel pump calibration and the benefits of getting it done?

How Exactly Does a Pump Work?

As an owner, you probably already know the ins and outs of your gas pumps. If you’re looking for a quick refresher, HowStuffWorks takes a granular look at exactly how gas pumps operate. The site travels down the line of elements from the storage tanks to the check valve, flow meter, blend valve, to the automatic shut-off.

Taking a step back to look at the entire process will remind you of the complexities of a typical visit to the gas station. It’s not as simple as inserting a pump, letting the liquid flow, then placing the pump back.

Why Should I Care About Fuel Pump Calibration?

Calibrating your fuel pumps should be a routine part of operating your station. With prices skyrocketing, being accurate has become more and more important. Each fill-up has changed from a traveler dropping in a quick $10 to standing at their tank and squeezing the handle open as they watch those dollars rack up just to get a few gallons of gas.

  • The responsibility falls on the station owner for accurate pump dispensing. Performing a calibration maintains the pumps and keeps them running smoothly and within the optimal condition. PumpTex can always advise on when you should consider pursuing the calibration.
  • The Department of Agriculture has laws and regulations in regards to calibration. Different states follow different laws and PumpTex will help you discover the necessary steps you need to take in order to maintain compliance. You’ll find out the tolerance levels acceptable. Servicing your pumps will guarantee that you’re keeping within those levels keeping you safe from potential fines.
  • Be prepared for state inspectors. When inspection time comes, you’ll be at ease knowing that you’re ready to undergo an inspection.

As a station owner, reviewing the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality and Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations sites, you can search for and take a peek at a wealth of articles and regulations the site has posted. You can also take a look at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality site to see what environmental regulations are going on. The bottom line is, on top of compliance and regulations, calibrating your fuel pumps will give you peace of mind that you’re operating optimally and are ready for any inspections with your station.

Benefits to Calibrating the Fuel Pump

Beyond maintaining compliance, calibrating your fuel pumps provides many benefits. Just ask PumpTex for assistance if you want to review the benefits. Some positives of pump calibration include -

  • Prevent fuel loss - Fuel loss can add up very quickly when you start thinking about how much is pumped out every day. Calibrating your pumps can address temperature issues, vapor loss, and errors with dispensing.
  • Avoid over-dispensing – Yet again, thinking about how much gas flows out of any given station, you’ll realize that it’s critical to calibrate your fuel pumps to assure the correct amount is being distributed. If your station is over-dispensing, even being slightly off will add up exponentially with each passing driver.
  • Avoid under-dispensing – If your pumps happen to be under-dispensing, this can also be an issue. It’s inevitable that someone will eventually notice and they won’t be happy about it. They’ll likely feel ripped off and spread the word. This may land you with a poor reputation and dwindling customers.

An entire process flows when a transient visitor utilizes your station to fill up. They see it as a simple but costly part of their day – stop the car, swipe a card, pump the gas, and move on to the next destination. Though their trip to the pump likely only lasts a few minutes, the accuracy of what just occurred is important. Calibrating the pumps guarantees that the customer fueled up exactly as they expected and that you dispensed the precise amount intended.

PumpTex is available to work with you to complete the calibration. After working with PumpTex, you’ll know that satisfied customers dispensed exactly what they expected and your pumps are optimally operating.

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