Is It Time to Upgrade Your Gas Station Forecourt?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Gas Station Forecourt?

When it comes to your regular gas station customers, there is a good chance they are in the habit of choosing you over other gas stations because they are living or working locally. It's a matter of convenience for them. If they drive by on the way to work or after dropping the kids at school, it makes sense to stop in and get gas while passing. However, consumers are a fickle breed, and if they stop by and see pumps with 'out-of-order' bags, or if their card won't read in the machine, they may not always give you another chance; they may start using someone else. That's why you need a petroleum service company like PumpTex in your corner carrying out fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area!

If you find that some of your equipment is breaking down more frequently and you are seeing less of your regulars, then it may be time to think about working with a petroleum service company to make some upgrades around the forecourt.

What Attracts People to a Gas Station

  • Convenient Location - In a recent study, 126 out of 189 consumers said they regularly use the same gas station whenever they fill up. When they went elsewhere, most said that the reason was not being in the area when they needed gas.
  • Prices, Discounts & Loyalty Points - While price does not seem to be a significant deciding factor in choosing a gas station, many customers are swayed by discounts or promotions. 35% also said they were signed up to a loyalty program with their preferred gas station.
  • Cleanliness - In the past couple of years, we have stepped up our hygiene and cleanliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, customers are demanding cleaner pumps. You can achieve this through a regular cleaning schedule, providing sanitizing equipment, and routine maintenance from a petroleum service company.
  • Modern Facilities & Equipment - Like every other type of service industry, if your forecourt looks modern and inviting, it will attract more customers. Consumers want to get their gas quickly and go. Pay-at-pump technology is a must, and consumers also want multi-fuel dispensers so they can drive up to any pump without worrying about which one has the right fuel! Are your fuel pumps up to par? Or is it time to consider a few upgrades?

Fuel Pump Repair in San Antonio, TX Vs. New Pump Installation

When you work with a petroleum service company like Pumptex, you can take advantage of expert fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. However, there comes the point when you need to consider if the time has come to replace your fuel pumps with something a little more modern! Don't forget, one of the key things customers look for in a gas station is modern facilities. At Pumptex, we install new pumps every week at gas stations all over Central Texas. The process is done quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption to your business possible. We know that any downtime you experience will affect your bottom line, so we will always work with you to plan a new installation to best suit your location's needs. We are happy to talk you through the various model on the market and make recommendations based on your needs. Give us a call at 888-906-7867.

Introduce Contactless Payments

One modern feature worth investing in to upgrade your gas station is contactless payments on the forecourt. Consumers are very interested in contactless payments, especially since a contactless transaction is ten times faster than a chip or swipe transaction! If you have already upgraded your dispensers for EMV compliance, you may already have this capability, and it's just a case of turning it on at the pumps. Talk to your petroleum service company to learn more about contactless payments for your forecourt.

First Impressions Matter

Please don't underestimate how important first impressions are when it comes to your gas station's forecourt. People may be discouraged from stopping if it looks dirty and dim, especially if the gas station a few blocks down the road has brand new dispensers and a modern forecourt! It's time to start thinking about some of the changes you could make with the help of a petroleum service company to make your gas station more attractive to potential customers.

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