Myths & Facts About Pumping Gas

Myths & Facts About Pumping Gas

Pumping gas is a pretty ordinary task that we all do as part of our daily lives, but many myths surrounding this mundane task have sprung up. Let’s take a break from gas pump repair in Texas to explore some of these myths and the actual facts they may be concealing.

FACT: You Shouldn’t Smoke When Pumping Gas

Let’s start with a fact! This is probably easy to pinpoint as truth - you shouldn’t smoke when pumping gas. In fact, you shouldn’t smoke anywhere in the gas station! Gasoline is highly flammable in its liquid form, but its true danger lies in its combustible gas vapors. You wouldn’t even need an open flame for them to ignite! A smoldering cigarette butt is enough to combust these vapors. It has even been known for a static spark or hot pavement to ignite gas vapor. Please don’t risk it! The American Petroleum Institute advises that you do not smoke, light a match, or use a lighter while pumping gas or using gasoline in any way. As a gas station owner, you can help discourage this with clear ‘no smoking’ signage and by staying on top of gas pump repair in Texas to ensure you have a reduced risk of any leaks that could leave flammable gas exposed.

Fun Fact! There is no statewide-law that prohibits you from smoking at a Texas gas station! So technically it is legal, but most gas station owners have their own policy against smoking on the property for obvious reasons!

Myth: Pumping Gas on a Cold Morning Means More Gas For Your Dollar!

With gas prices on a never-ending upwards climb, it is no surprise that drivers everywhere are eager to get the best deal on their gas! For some, that means checking out prices at all of the local gas stations to get the best price, but for others, it means getting up at the crack of dawn because they have heard cold mornings are the best time to fill up. The theory behind this myth is that colder temperatures will cause the volume of the gas to reduce while its density will increase, meaning you get more for your money. There is some science behind this theory, as liquids behave this way in cold temperatures. However, when you pump gas, it comes from underground storage tanks, and the temperature of the gasoline rarely fluctuates. Don’t bother getting up with the birds to pump gas - enjoy an extra hour in bed instead! You can save far more by learning about fuel economy.

Fact: Don’t Get Back In Your Car Until You Finish Refueling

Many people have heard the warning about getting back into their vehicles while fueling their tanks, but few know why. It’s all about static electricity! When exiting and entering your car, you will generate static electricity, especially on cold but dry days. That energy needs to go somewhere, and if it happens to jump to the pump as you touch the nozzle, there is a risk of a flash fire! Always stay outside your vehicle while you are filling up, and as an added precaution, you can touch the roof or door of your car to discharge any stored static energy before you reach for the nozzle!

Myth: Holding Down the Nozzle Trigger

One common ‘hack’ people often share is that if you hold down the nozzle trigger as far as it can go while you pump gas, you will stop air getting in, leaving less space for gas! This is completely false! It doesn’t matter how hard you squeeze the trigger; you will still get the same amount of gas dispensed! Gas pumps contain an electronic meter that measures the volume of the gas pumped and controls the flow rate. These are required by law and must be carefully calibrated for accurate fuel dispensing. In addition to gas pump repair in Texas, PumpTex also offers fuel pump calibration to make sure all of your dispensers are accurate. We can also replace those nozzle triggers if customers have been heavy on them attempting this hack!

Fact: You Shouldn’t ‘Top Off Your Tank

Are you guilty of trying to squeeze a few extra drops into your tank? You are just spending more money than you need to, and you could also be damaging your vehicle. If you top off the tank regularly, you risk causing damage to the VAP system, which processes extra gas vapors. That could land you with a hefty repair bill! The small amount of excess gas really isn’t worth that risk. In short, when the nozzle click and the gas stops pumping, you should too! It does this for a very good reason! Note to gas station owners, if your pumps are not clicking to signal the tank is full, you can contact us for gas pump repair in Texas.

Myth: Rocking the Car to Make Room For More Gas

Following on from the previous fact, let’s take a look at a related myth that needs to be debunked! We see tips passed around all the time to get more gas in your tank, including rocking your vehicle after the pump stops to make more space for a little extra gas. This is just another version of topping off the tank and carries the same risks of damaging the evaporative emissions control system. To reiterate, when the pump nozzle clicks, you are finished pumping gas!

Hopefully you have enjoyed these myths and facts about pumping gas! It may also have triggered a reminder for you about a loose dispenser nozzle, an overdue pump calibration or some other type of gas pump repair in Texas.

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