Our Core Value – Communicate

Our Core Value – Communicate

It’s the basis of pretty much every sitcom out there… one character miscommunicates or hears only part of a conversation and hilarity ensues. There are even articles written focusing solely on TV plot lines and how miscommunication generated a compelling and lighthearted plot. Have you ever watched the 80’s sitcom Three’s Company? Pick out any episode and you’ll see the absurdity of what happens with over-the-top miscommunications.

This is all fine and good from an entertainment perspective, but when communication issues plague a business, it’s a different story. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, communication serves as one of our core values.

PumpTex’s Communication with Coworkers

Starting within, at PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, importance is placed on coworkers discussing clearly and continually what’s happening with our clients and each other. This happens during meetings, via emails, over the phone, and by any other way of communication. Assuring that everyone involved remains open and clear guarantees that we successfully satisfy the needs of all our customers. It also contributes to a more satisfied workforce within the company.

PumpTex’s Communication with Customers

At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we place emphasis on ensuring clients stay in the loop. As a gas station owner, you would likely be concerned if your station suffers from repair needs. We know how frenzied you may be waiting for updates and a timely fix. Our employees keep communication with clients as a top priority. We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of conversation with customers during the entire process. This core value leads to a mutually smooth relationship and keeps us on the same page.

The Psychology/Methods of Communication

To keep it simple, failure to communicate in a business often leads to unhappiness between customers as well as coworkers. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we know that understanding the various types of communication can benefit a business. Using these strategies can lead to more satisfied clients and workers.

  • Upward Communication - If an employee faces frustration or unhappiness, bottling it up only causes further problems. Taking the issue to upper management opens the lines of communication so action can be taken. For upward communication to succeed, managers need to be on board and willing to open up to discussion.
  • Downward Communication - This one comes from management and flows down (the opposite of the above). Free-flowing discussion both ways assures that both managers and employees retain open lines to discuss business matters.
  • Lateral Communication - Mixing in peer discussion completes the flow of conversation within a company. Coworkers/peers talking to one another prevents unnecessary misunderstandings and confusion.
  • External Communication - We’ve talked all about internal communication. This one takes it a step further and involves outside parties. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, this is where we bring you, the customer in. Keeping lines of communication open internally does no good if we don’t include you.

The Cost of Miscommunication

Failing to adequately discuss business matters is a recipe for disaster. Big businesses have faced failures when communication breaks down. Even mega-corporations aren’t immune to the pitfalls of poor communication. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, the communication core value reminds us to avoid these types of failures.

  • Nike (just think of that big swoosh symbol you spot on tennis shoes, clothing, gear, etc.) and you know that this company is known by everyone. But, did you know that a communication breakdown led to major problems? A group of employees conducted their own survey and suddenly the female workforce came out spotlighting major issues with discrimination in their workplace culture. Ultimately, the employee-created survey led to firings of executives within the company as well as mandatory management training and an HR overhaul.
  • Wells Fargo suffered a major fraud scandal back in 2016. Employees created millions of fake bank accounts due to aggressive quotas from the leadership. Wells Fargo’s response and poor communication further hurt the major bank. They neglected to accept responsibility and downplayed the fraud (with no apologies). Their poor communication damaged the business and there’s a stigma surrounding them to this day.

At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, Communication serves as one of our core values for an important reason. We realize that communication failures affect not only fellow coworkers, but also the customers we take pride in servicing every day. By upholding this core value, we know that our open lines of communication will keep the pipeline of information freely and correctly flowing.

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    Customer Support & Guidance

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