Our Core Value – Deliver Value

Our Core Value – Deliver Value

Is something broken at your gas station? Are you desperate to find a fix before your customers shake their heads and turn away out of disappointment that they can’t pump their gas? At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we want to come out to fix it, and we want to do it right the first time.

This desire drills down into one of our core values – Deliver Value. With your business bustling around trying to keep it running flawlessly, the last thing you want is to face a forced repair. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we want to ease your pain and demonstrate why we take this core value so seriously.

They Didn’t Deliver Value – Not So Famous Failures

When a company fails to deliver value, the products or services wind up in the history books to collect dust. Not everyone is a history buff, and you may not even remember many of these things.

  • Macintosh TV. You can’t throw a stone without hitting someone sporting an iPhone, iPad, or something that boasts a product that starts with a little ‘i. Even a household name, Apple, launched products that neglected to deliver value. In 1993, they debuted The Macintosh TV. This TV/computer hybrid cost too much, lacked storage and didn’t have standard output ports. Macintosh TV’s production lasted a whopping four months before Apple pulled the plug. Apple recognized the lack of delivering value and cut its losses.
  • Firephone. Just like Apple, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the company Amazon! But did you know that Jeff Bezos created a phone in 2014 to join the competitive market with juggernauts such as iPhones and Androids? If not, you’re not the only one. The Firephone cost too much and offered relatively few apps compared to the Google Play Store or Apple App store. The Amazon app store had around 240,000 apps compared to Google Play’s 1 million apps. Consumers found no value in the Firephone and its sub-par options.
  • Cheetos Lip Balm. Next time you finish snacking on that glowing orange bag of Cheetos and have your fingers crusted in day-glow dust, think about smearing it on your lips. Apparently, consumers found no value in the doomed Cheetos Lip Balm in 2005. One review noted that the balm smelled like moldy cheese, and the product failed to moisturize. When purchasing lip balm, you’d expect your lips to be smacking with satisfaction, not the feeling of a cracked and smelly mouth.

At PumpTex, we specialize in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas; we may not be launching product lines and new-fangled gadgets. Still, the root of the above failures is that the founding companies did not deliver value to their customers.

What Does it Mean to Deliver Value?

Since Delivering Value is an anchor to our core values, hopefully, you have never noticed a disruption when enlisting our help. It’s easy to notice when a company accidentally picks the wrong part or double-books their service call. You end up standing outside, tapping your foot, wondering why your malfunctioning pump isn’t being serviced as promised. So, what does Deliver Value mean to us? At PumpTex, whenever we are carrying out fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas -

  • We have the right product. Imagine that your pump needs a new nozzle, and we show up with a valve. This does no good for either party. We wasted our time and efforts bringing out the wrong part, and you’re left annoyed that you’ll be waiting for the correct item while your customer is circling the forecourt trying to find a functional pump. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we strive to grab the correct product the first time.
  • We correctly diagnose. Our trained experts want to come out and determine the problem right away. We don’t want anyone running out and fumbling around wasting your time trying to diagnose the problem.
  • We show up on time. If you’re taking time out of your day to greet us on a scheduled visit, we won’t leave you disappointed. We know you have other commitments besides waiting on us.
  • We fix it right on the first try. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we pride ourselves on taking the initial time to address your concerns the first time. Though technicians may love to visit your station and help you out, we want to do it on the first try. We don’t want to be that unwelcomed house guest who doesn’t know they’re overstaying their welcome.

Failing to deliver value leads to a dissatisfied customer who will likely want to wander and find another vendor (and we don’t want that!). It also costs everyone time, energy, effort, and wasted products. At PumpTex, specializing in fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, we want you to remain with us as a partner so we can continue to deliver value to you for years to come.

Core values encompass our daily lives at PumpTex, whether we are carrying out fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, or installing new pumps in Louisianna! Delivering Value nestles deep in our value system. We understand what it means to the customer to deliver value. We work hard to make sure you find value in our services concerning your gas station every day.

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