Regular POS and Dispenser Maintenance and Repairs

Regular POS and Dispenser Maintenance and Repairs

As a gas station owner, you want to keep your pumps dispensing without interruption. Any unexpected repair or maintenance issue can force you to put the pumps out of order. If this happens, your customers will have no problem going the extra few miles to fill up their tank with another station. Having a Petroleum Service Company such as Pumptex maintain and repair your equipment will mean you can keep your customers coming and receive the flawless experience they expect.

Gas Pump Maintenance and Repairs

Identifying the problem at the pump or simply maintaining it isn’t so easy. There are many parts and pieces all intertwined and related to the pump. The pump setup is complicated and requires routine maintenance and repairs to keep the fuel flowing.

After all, you’re pumping gallons upon gallons of gas from an immense storage tank into a vehicle. A Petroleum Service Company such as Pumptex has the expertise and knowledge to dig into the most complicated problem at the pump. Figuring out the issues can become an involved process. Pumptex has the knowledge and expertise to come out and maintain, as well as troubleshoot, any problem you have at the pump.

  • As part of identifying what’s going on, make sure to shut off the gas!
  • The nozzle could be the culprit. It may need to be replaced or repaired.
  • The hose might be the problem. This is another piece of the intricate puzzle that comprises the gas pump assembly. It serves as a highway for the gas to make it to the car.
  • Sensors also require consideration. They indicate when a vehicle’s tank is full and the gas should be shut off. A faulty sensor may mean you’re dealing with spills and even fire hazards.
  • Drainage Canals need to be kept clean and clear so there’s no pooled gas. They should also be free of dirt or other debris to keep drainage from clogging.
  • If Valves are malfunctioning, leave this to the experts. Pumptex’s experts have the training and know-how to safely repair the valves.

Avoiding unnecessary repairs starts with regular maintenance of the pumps. A Petroleum Service Company such as Pumptex can tackle the most complex problem at the pump. Simple repairs often open up a can of worms you’d never predict. Allowing us to promptly address your issues will ensure that the customer experience has as little impact as possible when things do go awry.

POS Pump Maintenance and Repair

Though the POS system doesn’t involve mammoth tanks or consume large volumes of space, it has its own complexities. Keeping it in tip-top shape may help you avoid issues. Customers won’t be too happy if they try and start their transaction to purchase gas only to find out they can’t get their card to work at the pump. The problem worsens if your station boasts a convenience section and your visitor can’t buy their Cheetos and Pepsi. If problems do arise, a Petroleum Service Company such as Pumptex can come to fix the issue.

Since you’re dealing with technology on a POS system, what can go wrong doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a leak in a hose or a handle broke off. The situation becomes much more technical.

  • Hardware problems can wreak havoc on your business. Though we’re not talking about a leaky hose, POS systems consist of cables, screens, keypads, etc. Any one of these components can suffer damage and require repairs.
  • Software issues – This is where technology comes in. POS systems rely on operating systems, just like your computer. And if you’ve ever worked intensely on a computer, you know software can glitch. Watching a website freeze or a Word document crash before you saved may afflict you with a little bit of heartburn. If it happens with your whole POS system, sleep might be lost. Luckily, Pumptex can come out and end your nightmare.
  • User errors – it’s a hard pill to swallow, but let’s face it, no one is perfect. There may be times when you launch the wrong application or hit the wrong button in the system. Station owners are not immune to user errors on these computerized systems.

If you’re already up and running with a point-of-sale system, you might want to consider having a Petroleum Service Company such as Pumptex perform regular maintenance checks on it and fix as necessary.

Whether you’re facing a mystery on why your pump isn’t doing what it should or if your next customer can’t complete their purchase at the machine, knowing you have a service option with Pumptex should give you peace of mind.

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