Remotely Manage Your Forecourt With DX Monitor™

Remotely Manage Your Forecourt With DX Monitor™

Whether you are managing a single forecourt or several across multiple sites, keeping track of all of your assets can be a challenge. We often hear from retailers that they were unaware that a specific dispenser was in need of gas pump repair in Texas until a customer informed them or until it was picked up during a routine inspection or maintenance visit. This often leads to unnecessary periods of downtime or minor repairs growing into more significant issues because they have been left unattended for too long. Customers get frustrated when your pumps are not working correctly, and you may start losing business. However, with the help of DX Monitor™ from Dover Fueling Solutions, disruption to your forecourt’s operations can be kept to a minimum, and you can stay on top of your location’s need for gas pump repair in Texas.

Remote Monitoring & Updating

DX Monitor™ gives you the power to monitor your forecourt remotely, even allowing remote updates to software and firmware at the dispenser. This can help reduce maintenance costs and help minimize downtime for your dispensers. With a birdseye view of the health of each dispenser across your entire forecourt(s), you can take a more proactive approach to maintenance and arrange gas pump repair in Texas in a timely fashion, often before an inconvenient breakdown happens! Overall, you will be able to improve efficiency, reliability, and, more importantly, customer satisfaction!

An Investment in the Future of Your Business

Investing in the DX Monitor™ is an investment into the future of your business. There are a number of benefits that can help to improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and keep your site pumping. No matter whether you have one site or multiple sites, you can oversee everything from a single dashboard.

  • Enjoy up to a 65% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Almost 25% of issues can be resolved by a remote dispenser reboot
  • A reduced need for on-site visits reduces CO2 levels equivalent to planting 1000 trees every year
  • Proactive monitoring of fuel flow can double the lifespan of fuel filters

Resolve Problems Before They Impact Your Customers

When you implement DX Monitor™ you will be able to proactively manage all of your fuel dispensers and payment points to ensure smooth operation. You will be alerted to potential issues before they have a chance to impact your customers, including automated diagnosis and troubleshooting. This allows you to remotely deploy necessary updates or book gas pump repair in Texas as soon as possible, helping to avoid lost sales.

Secure & Update Your Payment Modules

Your payment modules must be kept up to date to ensure security. DX Monitor™ allows you to deploy dispenser and payment-related software updates remotely through a centralized system, which reduces the need for site visits to perform software upgrades. This helps reduce costs and minimize potential downtime caused by manual software upgrades and gas pump repair in Texas.

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Increase Site Efficiency

DX Monitor™ give site managers the ability to monitor every fuel dispenser and be alerted to issues such as slow flow rates. This allows you to take immediate action and book gas pump repair in Texas without waiting until you start receiving customer complaints. You will also be able to reboot payment modules remotely if required. It is also possible to review logs from each dispenser remotely, allowing you to evaluate the need for maintenance. Overall, you will be able to increase dispenser reliability and streamline your maintenance costs.

Why Choose PumpTex to Install Your DX Monitor™?

If you are ready to go ahead and upgrade your forecourt management with the DX Monitor™, PumpTex can supply and install the product for you. We are an authorized distributor for Dover Fueling Solutions, and our technicians are thoroughly trained across the full range of dispensers and other products. In addition to this, since being founded in 1997, PumpTex has become renowned for being a valuable resource to our customers in the retail petroleum service industry. We are committed to providing a new level of customer service and giving our customers, large or small, an additional pair of eyes and ears in the field. With a focus on fixing things on our first visit, we like to consider ourselves the first responders of gas pump repair in Texas for gas stations, convenience stores, and other fueling facilities. When you need a petroleum services company that you can rely on, look no further than PumpTex.

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PumpTex, Inc. was founded in 1997 in the back of a garage with the dream of bringing a new level of customer service to the retail petroleum service industry. Over the years, we have grown to become a valuable resource to our customers. Many consider us to be the first responders of the retail petroleum service industry!

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