Set Some New Year Resolutions for Your Gas Station

Set Some New Year Resolutions for Your Gas Station

A new year is already upon us and people worldwide are creating resolutions. Some people set resolutions to reduce their weight and become healthier; some want to get a promotion, some want a higher salary, while some want to change their lifestyle and habits.As a gas station owner, how about setting some New Year resolutions for your gas station?

We have found that a lot of gas station owners neglect some minor problems in their gas station, which can result in them becoming significant problems in the future. It is easy to forget about some of these issues when you are rushing around taking care of more pressing tasks, but if you can develop a habit of regular maintenance it can save you time and money in the long run.

Check out these Gas Station New Year Resolutions from PumpTex, your local petroleum services company.

Resolution # 1: Replace Those Old Fuel Filters

The condition of the fuel filters in your gas pumps directly reflects the efficiency of your dispenser. The fuel filters serve as a barrier that does not allow contaminants of the fuel to pass through into the customers’ vehicles. However, if recently you have been receiving complaints of dispensing contaminated fuel, or if you find the flow of fuel is starting to become noticeably slower, then it is time to get those fuel filters replaced. If you are not comfortable doing this in-house, you can book a service call from PumpTex and we will inspect and service your pumps.

Resolution # 2: Check the Delivery Nozzle and Spout

The fuel dispenser nozzle and spout ensure seamless fuel dispensing at your gas station. For fuel dispensing operations to continue smoothly, it is important to carefully inspect the delivery nozzle, spout, and pipe. The spout needs to be tightly affixed to the nozzle body. Overlooking this crucial aspect as a fuel station owner can result in hazardous problems. If you find any problem with the nozzle or spout, contact a petroleum services company like PumpTex to resolve the problem.

Resolution # 3: Cleaning the Gas Station POS system

The gas station POS system handles payment processing from customers and keeps track of fuel sales, and pricing. The accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, and grease can severely affect the performance of POS systems. In such cases, it is best to shut down the register system periodically and blow out the inside, especially where the processor fan is located. For performing this task, it is best advised to take professional help from a petroleum services company like PumpTex.

Resolution # 4: Visual Inspection of the Dispensers

Your fuel dispensers play a crucial role in dispensing fuel. As a gas station owner, it is important to check the fuel dispenser on a regular basis, especially the areas around the meter, valves, and filter for any possible fuel leakage. If you find any leaks, report them immediately to a gas station repair service like PumpTex and get them inspected and repaired immediately.

Resolution # 5: Regular cleaning of the dispensers

Over time, the fuel dispensers installed at your gas station get dirty. They are touched by thousands of people and are exposed to the elements and fumes from vehicles. It is important to clean them periodically. Cleaning the dispensers is just like cleaning the car. You can wipe them with warm soapy water at least once a week. In fact, most products you would use to wash a car can also be used to clean up the gas pump!

Implementing these useful New Year Resolutions from PumpTex will go a long way towards keeping your gas station in great shape. Let’s make 2022 a great year for your gas station!

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