Show Your Gas Station Some Love: Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Show Your Gas Station Some Love: Repair and Preventive Maintenance

As a gas station owner, you are probably thankful to your gas station for giving you the business you currently enjoy. If you want it to continue running seamlessly for many years, then it is time to give something back. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it is the perfect time for you to show your gas station some TLC!

You should be looking at repair and preventive maintenance for your gas station.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance of a gas station refers to inspection, servicing, and/or replacement activities performed as a part of the scheduled plan rather than waiting for the breakdown to happen and then responding. A professional and experienced company offering fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, quickly provides preventive maintenance services.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance & Fuel Pump Repair in San Antonio, TX

A successful preventive maintenance program and effective fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, offers various benefits to gas station owners. Here are just a few of them.

  • Extends the life of the gas station equipment
  • Better inventory management
  • Identify the reasons for possible breakdowns
  • Improved fuel system reliability and accuracy
  • Minimizes the occurrence of unscheduled downtime due to equipment breakdown
  • Serve customers better
  • Improved safety
  • Better fuel dispensing
  • Fewer complaints from customers

Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Your Gas Station

  1. Fuel Dispensers - It is crucial that each fuel dispenser is tested regularly for operational issues, especially the emergency stop. The hoses should be free from cracks or any leakages. If there is any defect with the hoses, they need to be replaced immediately. The preset button of the fuel dispenser is also inspected carefully to ensure that the proper quantity of fuel can be selected and dispensed.
  2. Line & Leak Testing - The pipes are an important part of the fueling equipment at your gas station.Proper maintenance of your entire system is essential and undetected leaks can be catastrophic not only to your business but also to the environment. Any possible leakage can be detected during line & leak testing and issues can be rectified before any potential hazard.
  3. Tank cleaning to remove contaminants - It is possible that contaminants can build up in the underground fuel tank over time. Regular cleaning of fuel tanks is necessary to remove any kind of contaminants. Tank cleaning is done to remove microbial contamination and sludge from the tanks.
  4. Fuel pump calibration - Fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, also involves fuel pump calibration. Proper calibration of fuel pumps is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and also to prevent any possible errors related to fuel dispensing. Without fuel pump calibration, your gas station can incur heavy fuel losses due to dispensing higher fuel to the customers or even fuel losses caused due to leakage.

Checking the Point-of-Sale (POS) machine is also a key aspect of preventive maintenance.

Although preventative maintenance and fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, may seem quite complex, a professional and expert company can get the job done hassle-free without affecting the functioning of your gas station. Fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, is your way of showing love, care, and affection towards your gas station, which has served you without expecting anything in return.

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