The Evolution of Gas Stations

The Evolution of Gas Stations

Depending on your age, you may recall a few changes to how gas stations looked and worked over the years. Going through the entire history reveals major changes from when cars first demanded a fill-up, to stations boasting major convenience stores with electric vehicle charging options. Being that we’re living through a technological explosion, the future of how gas stations work and operate guarantees them to look very different from even today. From the convenience stores to fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, a robust evolution has taken place and continues to shape where we’re going from here.

The Past

Let’s turn back an entire century to see where this all started. It didn’t take long after cars hit the mass market that obviously, drivers needed to find fuel to keep their vehicles running. But, back in the early 1900s, they didn’t just run down the street to islands of available pumps and start gassing up.

Back then, buying gas looked much different. There were no established businesses to perform fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas (or anywhere else) simply because fueling stations didn’t exist as we know them today. Customers ran to pharmacies, blacksmiths, and general stores. Since these types of businesses dealt with kerosene, it made sense for them to move into selling gasoline for vehicles.

And cars didn’t just pull up to pumps, the fuel funneled in from containers, not fuel pumps. Safety concerns quickly arose being that flammable liquid was just being poured into containers without any safety measures. It didn’t take long for filling stations to fill a need for a safer way to top off tanks. Take a look if you want to read up on a timeline highlighting the evolution of gas stations.

The Present

Once filling stations established roots outside of cities, fuel pumps (and the need for fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, started to take off. Some current day stats tell a story of where we currently stand -

  • Currently, nearly 11,000 stand alone gas stations exist in the U.S.
  • The U.S. is home to nearly 151,000 convenience stores. Of those, 84% sell gas.
  • Convenience stores rake in more money than stand-alone stations.
  • Alternative fueling stations are on the rise as new methods of transportation gain popularity.
  • Output of gasoline and diesel fuel in the US continues to rise.
  • Over $112 billion in sales was recorded as recently as 2018 (and the demand isn’t slowing).
  • Speedway and CircleK hold the most market shares in this industry. (Speedway currently boasts the most gas stations in the US).
  • Only 15% of customers pay with cash at gas stations. Debit and credit rule the payment methods.
  • There is much need for fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas to service the pumps and components of current gas stations.

Objectively looked at your own station or that of your competitors, you’ll see how these trends fit in. Demands on finding filling stations keep rising. But, the face of how these stations work will continue to evolve. PumpTex is right there with you as you look into the future regarding your convenience store, your need for fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas, or any other component of your station. We’ll keep on the cutting edge of advancements so any of your future requirements are addressed by our experts.

The Future

The industry continually gains momentum and new forms of technology and advancements hurl at us at lightning speed. So, what’s on the horizon when it comes to fueling stations and places that require fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas?

One significant consideration to make is regarding electric vehicles. Sales of electric vehicles will surpass those of gasoline powered cars. Volvo plans to only offer electric options by 2030. And General Motors is expected to follow by 2035. On top of that, some states plan to stop selling gasoline-powered vehicles. And there’s push to enact this on the U.S. government level. With such a big shift, the face of filling stations will dramatically change.

To take it a step further from adding value by selling additional goods (or attaching a restaurant), you may want to take a look in Akron, Ohio. You’ll find a glimpse of the future where unmanned stations allow drivers to fill up with natural gas or charge up their cars with electricity. Patrons even have the option to load an app to work with this place.

If you want an extreme perspective on the what’s ahead, take a look at what some people envisioned during a competition to predict the future of gas stations. Electric charging concepts push the envelope on what customers may expect. The winning entry in the contest envisioned filling stations vastly different from now. If people will be stuck for chunks of time waiting for their cars to charge, the theory is to create an environment where that person wants to hang out. You may see malls, vendors, restaurants, etc. so customers can relax and take a break while charging up. Considering this possibility, fuel pump repair in San Antonio Texas may look very different in the coming years.

Filling stations have seen an evolving history since the early 1900s and the changes are coming fast, furious, and more dramatic than ever. Fuel pump repair in San Antonio, Texas as well as gas pumps and stations in general haven’t seen anything yet. Keep your mind open to adaptation so you’re prepared to adapt and grow with the ever-changing trends. It’s an exciting future with limitless developments and PumpTex is ready to buckle up and join you in future endeavors.

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