The Importance of Spill Bucket Maintenance

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Gas station spill buckets are an essential part of underground fuel storage systems. They are designed to prevent fuel from spilling onto the ground and contaminating the soil and groundwater. Over time, spill buckets can become damaged or worn out, which can compromise their ability to contain spills. When this happens, repairing or replacing the spill bucket as soon as possible is important to prevent environmental damage and potential liability issues for the gas station owner. The good news is, Pumptex does more than just gas pump repair in Texas; we can also offer spill bucket maintenance and many other services to make sure that you can keep pumping.

What is a Spill Bucket?

A gas station spill bucket, also known as a spill containment bucket or spill bucket, is a component of underground storage tank (UST) systems used in gas stations and other fueling facilities. Its primary purpose is to prevent leaks and spills of hazardous substances, such as gasoline or diesel fuel, from reaching the surrounding environment.

The spill bucket is typically located beneath the fill pipe, where fuel is delivered into the underground storage tank. It is designed to capture any accidental spills or overflows that may occur during fueling operations. The bucket is equipped with a sensor or alarm system that detects the presence of liquid and triggers an alert, indicating that a spill has occurred.

The spilled fuel collects in the spill bucket, which is made of durable and chemically resistant material. The bucket is equipped with a sump and a drain to facilitate the safe removal and disposal of the collected fuel. This helps prevent the fuel from seeping into the ground or groundwater, reducing the risk of contamination. Gas station spill buckets are an important safety feature that helps protect the environment and prevent pollution. Environmental regulations typically require them, and they must also be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their effectiveness. Checking your spill bucket for damage should be part of your routine maintenance and gas pump repair in Texas.

How Is a Spill Bucket Replaced?

Repairing a spill bucket typically involves:Repairing a spill bucket typically involves:

  • Cleaning the area around the damaged or worn-out component.
  • Removing the old material.
  • Installing new materials such as gaskets or seals.

However, in some cases, a spill bucket may be too damaged or corroded to repair, in which case it will need to be replaced entirely. In either case, it is important to follow all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the repair or replacement of spill buckets to ensure that the work is done safely and effectively. The safest way to achieve this is to ask for spill bucket maintenance when you book your next service call for gas pump repair in Texas. By maintaining spill buckets properly, gas station owners can help protect the environment and their businesses from potential legal and financial consequences.

You can ask Pumptex to inspect your spill bucket for signs of damage next time they are at your location for gas pump repair in Texas or any other maintenance. However, it is good practice for you to do your own visual inspection between visits. Some of the issues you should be looking out for are going to include:

  • Chips and/or holes in the led that may allow water to get into the spill bucket
  • An accumulation of water and/or fuel in the spill bucket
  • Valves that are malfunctioning or broken in some way
  • Cracks and/or holes in the walls of the bucket that could allow leakage
  • Cracks or other damage to the seals around the fill riser

In conclusion, gas station spill bucket repair or replacement is crucial to maintaining underground fuel storage systems. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements, but when issues arise, it is important to address them promptly and according to regulatory guidelines. By ensuring that spill buckets are functioning correctly, gas station owners can help protect the environment, their business, and the health and safety of their community. Pumptex is here to make sure that your gas station is operating at peak efficiency and that all of your equipment is working properly. We offer so much more than just gas pump repair in Texas. We are your one-stop shop for all of your gas station maintenance needs.

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