Understanding Automatic Line Leak Detection

Understanding Automatic Line Leak Detection

Safety is paramount when working with hazardous chemicals such as fuel. Whether it’s in a gas station, a marina, a fleet depot, or any other facility where fuel is dispensed, the potential for leaks in pipelines poses a significant risk to both personnel and the environment. To mitigate this risk, technologies such as Automatic Line Leak Detection (ALLD) have emerged as crucial tools in ensuring the integrity of pipelines and preventing hazardous incidents. Let’s take a closer look at this technology.

What is Automatic Line Leak Detection?

Automatic Line Leak Detection (ALLD) is a system that works in conjunction with submersible turbine pumps to detect leaks in pipelines automatically. These systems utilize a variety of sensors, monitoring equipment, and algorithms to continuously assess the integrity of pipelines and promptly identify any leaks or abnormalities.

A Closer Look at Electronic Line Leak Detection for EVO™ Fuel Management

One of the fuel management systems that PumpTex works with is the EVO™ 550/5000 and EVO™ 600/6000. Electronic Line Leak Detecetion, also known as ELLD, is an optional software feature that helps you to detect leaks using a transducer device installed in the submersible pump. Let’s take a looks at some of the features and specifications.

  • AUTO-LEARN® Technology - ELLD features AUTO-LEARN® Technology that will automatically learn the pressure characteristics of each pipeline in order to eliminate configuration errors and provide more precision in leak detection.
  • Statistical Line Leak Detection - Statistical Line Leak Detection, or SLLD, is included as standard and allows 0.2 gph leak testing for busy sites with high sales volume of fuel who have little to no dispensing periods. This continuous testing helps to maintain EPA precision levels.
  • High Throughput Capacity - The ELLD software addition is able to monitoring up to 312 gallons of rigid pipeline capacity and 95 gallons of flexible piping capacity. This allows larger sites to achieve the same level of precision leak detection.

Test Specifications

  • Every dispense cycle, a 3.0 gph leak and pressure test is performed and on test failure the affected turbine will be shut down.
  • Monthly (0.2 gphO and annual (0.1 gph) precision leak testing is also carried out during thermally stable periods of dispensing. It is optional to have affected turbines shut down when there is a failure on either of these tests.
  • Can perform pressure up, catch pressure, and other additional checks with an alarm that sounds on failure of any test.

Advantages of Automatic Line Leak Detection

  • Early Detection - An automated line leak detection system can identify leaks at their earliest stages, minimizing the time it takes to respond and reducing the potential for environmental damage or safety hazards.
  • Continuous Monitoring - Unlike manual inspection methods, automated line leak detection systems operate 24/7, providing continuous surveillance of pipelines and ensuring timely detection of potential issues.
  • Improved Safety - By swiftly identifying leaks, automated line leak detection systems help mitigate the risk of fires, explosions, and other accidents, thereby enhancing the overall safety of your location.
  • Environmental Protection - Rapid leak detection minimizes the release of hazardous substances into the environment, safeguards ecosystems, and reduces the ecological footprint of your gas station or other fueling location.
  • Cost Savings - Early detection and intervention can prevent costly clean-up efforts, regulatory fines, and potential litigation associated with fuel leaks.

Automatic Line Leak Detection (ALLD) represents a critical component of modern retail fueling safety infrastructure. By leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms, ALLD systems provide continuous monitoring of pipelines, enabling early detection of leaks and prompt intervention to prevent potential disasters. As industries continue to prioritize safety and environmental stewardship, the adoption of ALLD technology is expected to grow, ensuring safer and more sustainable gas station operations in the years to come.

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