What Does Fuel Pump Repair Involve?

What Does Fuel Pump Repair Involve?

As a gas station or convenience store owner, you know that your fuel pumps are a crucial part of your business. If the pumps are not working, customers will go elsewhere, and that loses you money! It is critical to get your pumps up and running as quickly as possible with the help of a petroleum service company that offers fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX. While fuel pump repair requires an experienced professional, it is also important for a fuel retailer to understand how their pumps work and what repairs might involve. Let’s take a closer look and learn what to expect from fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX.

How Does a Fuel Pump Work?

How much do you actually know about your fuel pumps? When they pull up at a pump, the average customer will see the dispenser, nozzle, and Point-of-Sale parts. They don’t see all of the complex parts that actually make the pump dispense fuel. As a fuel retailer, you likely have a little more knowledge than your customers, but let’s summarize some of the basics.

In most cases, the gasoline tanks at retail locations are underground. The tank has a pump that draws the petroleum up out of the tank to be dispensed. This is either a submersible style of pump which sits in the petroleum and pushes it up using an impeller; or a suction pump that uses pressure to suck the gasoline out of the tank. The petroleum then passes through a check valve which regulates the gas flow. When the valve is open, fuel is allowed to flow. When it is closed, it is held in the pipe. The fuel continues through a series of valves on its way to the nozzle. These valves are designed to regulate the speed at which it is dispensed, how much is dispensed, and which blend is dispensed. If any of these parts malfunction, you will require fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX.

Fuel Pump Repairs

When you notice something is not right with your dispensers, the first step is to call your petroleum service company to book fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX. A technician will visit your location and identify which part of the system is not functioning as it should. This might be immediately obvious for some problems, such as a visible crack on the nozzle, the POS not accepting payments, etc. However, in other cases, it may require some investigation. The process for fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, will vary depending on the petroleum services company you choose, but at PumpTex, we strive to meet a first-time fix guarantee. Our technicians have over 90% of the potential replacement parts they might need with them on their trucks. This allows them to locate the problem and fix it then and there without ordering parts and making a return visit. We know that broken pumps mean lost income, and we are here to help keep you pumping.

Why Choose PumpTex?

You may be wondering why you should choose PumpTex for fuel pump repair in San Antonio, TX, over any other petroleum service company in the area. We’ve already mentioned the first-time fix guarantee that is one of our key selling points, but there are many additional reasons.

  • 24 Hour Rapid Response - When your fuel pumps break down, they don’t always wait for daylight hours! We offer 24-hour rapid response and will get to you as fast as possible to get you pumping again.
  • Industry Trained Techs - We invest in ongoing education for our team, ensuring they are highly trained in all of the latest technology. Our techs are top of the class in product knowledge and customer service.
  • Increased Profitability - If your dispensers are not functioning at max capacity, you are losing revenue. We handle immediate issues and identify hidden problems that might raise their ugly heads down the line allowing you to maximize your profit potential and avoid costly shutdowns.
  • We Build Relationships - We take pride in nurturing professional relationships with our customers to provide the best experience for everyone. We are part of your team, and your success matters to us.
  • Delivering Value - One of our core values at PumpTex is bringing value to our customers. That means offering the best service with the right products and the best team.

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