What Does Gas Pump Repair Involve?

What Does Gas Pump Repair Involve?

If you stop and look around your gas station or convenience store, which piece of equipment is the most important item in the forecourt? That’s right - your gas pump. Everyone in the retail fuel business knows the importance of finding great gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. If your gas pumps are not dispensing fuel, then you are not earning money! That’s why at PumpTex, we constantly strive to offer the first-time fix every single time, helping you keep pumping.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, involves.

How Does a Gas Pump Work?

Let’s start with the basics of how gas pumps work. As a gas station owner or manager, you may already have an idea of what is going on beyond the nozzle, but most consumers have no idea how complicated fuel dispensers actually are! As far as they know, they just swipe their card, pump some gas, and out pops a receipt! Of course, there is much more to it, and that is what makes gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, so important. Many moving parts are required to dispense fuel to your customers.

It starts in the tank. Almost all retail fuel outlets have their tanks underground. A big part of staying on top of Gas Pump Repair in San Antonio, TX, is maintaining those underground tanks and their components to make sure that they are not only in good working order but that they also stay in compliance with all of the requirements needed to keep the environment safe from potential leaks and spills. Underground tanks will use either a submersible or a suction pump to pull the gas out of the tank to be dispensed. It is important to maintain the pump to keep fuel flowing when needed.

Moving further along the process, we encounter the check valve, which opens and closes to regulate the flow of fuel. If the check valve is in the closed position, the system will hold the fuel in the pipe under pressure. When a customer starts to pump gas, the dispenser signals for the check valve to open, allowing the gas to flow to the nozzle. The fuel also passes through a flow control valve, which helps regulate how fast the gas flows. For example, if a customer prepays for a set amount, the control valve will begin to slow the flow down as the limit is approached! We could go into more detail here about the various valves that measure how much gas is pumped, which blend to dispense, and several other features, but the key takeaway is that there are a lot of parts to your dispensers! This is why you cannot neglect gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. These are complex pieces of technology, and neglecting maintenance can result in a breakdown, and if you are not pumping fuel, you are not bringing in a profit.

Your Fuel dispensers are more than just mechanical parts. Every pump has a computer system at its heart, and these have gotten more technologically advanced in recent years allowing payments at the pumps, personalized advertising, and more. Did you know that as well as offering gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, PumpTex also installs and repairs the POS systems at the heart of your dispensers?

Gas Pump Repairs

When you find your dispensers needing maintenance or repair, the first step in gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, is to identify the problem. Sometimes it is immediately apparent what has gone wrong. You might be able to see that the nozzle is cracked, that the POS has gone offline, or that gas is not flowing as it should. However, other problems are a little trickier to diagnose, and that is where PumpTex comes to your rescue. We invest in the continuous training of our industry technicians to ensure they are equipped with the best product knowledge and service experience to keep you pumping. We understand that every minute you cannot pump gas is a minute during which your revenue dips. Our technicians maintain an extensive inventory with them during each service call allowing them to facilitate our first-time fix goal. We are focused on fixing your gas pumps right the first time during our first visit.

When your pumps are broken, you will most likely seek gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, or the surrounding area. However, we highly recommend thinking about a preventative maintenance approach. When minor faults are taken care of immediately, they don’t get the opportunity to grow into larger, more expensive problems. Routine maintenance can help us find potential problems before they affect your revenue.

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