What You Need to Know About Containment Testing

What You Need to Know About Containment Testing

The primary purpose of containment sumps and spill buckets are to contain leaks and spills temporarily and stop fuel leaking out of the fuel pump system. They must be wholly liquid-tight, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires regular testing to make sure they are working appropriately. If you need a petroleum service company in Houston, Texas, to help with the testing, contact Pumptex for more information.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the crucial things you need to know about containment testing.

1 – Deadlines for Containment Testing Differ Depending on Equipment & State

The deadlines for containment testing vary depending on which state you are in and based on when the containment equipment was installed. If you have equipment installed before October 13, 2015, and are in a state that follows the EPA 2015 Underground Storage Tank Regulations, then containment testing is to be carried out every three years, with the first tests due in 2021. If the equipment was installed after the cut off date, it must be tested at the time of installation and then every three years. Texas is one of the states covered by the EPA Underground Storage Regulations. Keeping on top of compliance issues like this can be challenging, so it is beneficial to hire a petroleum service company in Houston, Texas, to handle it for you.

2 – Double-Walled Spill Prevention Equipment Needs Both Walls to be Monitored

If your spill prevention equipment and containment sumps are double-walled, there is an EPA requirement for both walls to be monitored as frequently as walkthrough inspections are required. This is generally once every 30 days for spill buckets, although locations with infrequent deliveries may leave longer gaps between inspections. Containment sumps require an annual inspection. If they are not double-walled, they can be tested every three years using vacuum, pressure, or liquid testing. All testing procedures must meet specific criteria, so it is wise to enlist the help of a petroleum service company in Houston, Texas, to ensure you stay on top of all of the necessary testing.

3 – ASTM E3225-20 Does Not Meet EPA Requirements

ASTM International recently released a new standard for spill bucket and sump testing. However, the ASTM E3225-20 standard is mostly visual and does not meet the regulatory requirements specified by the EPA. Visual inspections may help to alert you to potential issues, but will not appropriately test the integrity of the equipment. Use a qualified petroleum service company in Houston, Texas, to ensure you are not falling foul of such unapproved safety standards.

If you need any additional information about containment testing or any other required maintenance, then Pumptex is a well-respected petroleum service company in Houston, Texas. We would be more than happy to serve your location’s needs.

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