Why Do Most Gas Sales in the United States Happen at Convenience Stores

Why Do Most Gas Sales in the United States Happen at Convenience Stores

As of April 2023, there were 150,174 convenience stores in the United States, with 118,678 of those selling fuel. Not surprisingly, Texas has the largest number of convenience stores, accounting for about 10% of the nationwide total! This means that a lot of the gas pump repair in Texas we work on happens at convenience stores. It is interesting to note that around 80% of the gas purchased across the United States is purchased at a local convenience store! The remaining 20% of retail fueling sales comprises kiosk fueling sites, hypermarkets or big box stores (like Sam's Club, Walmart, or Kroger), and service stations.

Let's explore why convenience stores have the lion's share of retail fuel sales!

Convenience stores dominating gasoline sales is not a new thing. It has been this way for decades. However, it wasn't always the case. If we look back to 1971, only 7% of convenience stores had gas pumps. However, with self-fueling starting to become more popular, customers were keen to embrace lower gas prices and the ability to shop at the same time. By the mid-1980s, convenience stores were responsible for most of the gas sold in the United States. Today, convenience stores often sell a significant amount of gasoline for several reasons:

  1. Location - Convenience stores are strategically located in areas with high traffic, such as busy intersections, highways, and urban centers. This makes them easily accessible for drivers who need to refuel quickly.
  2. One-Stop Shopping - Convenience stores aim to provide a variety of products and services in one location to save customers time. Selling gasoline alongside snacks, drinks, and other convenience items encourages customers to stop by for both fuel and other purchases.
  3. Impulse Buying - Convenience stores capitalize on impulse buying behavior. Customers who stop for fuel are more likely to make additional purchases, such as snacks, beverages, cigarettes, or other convenience items. These small purchases can add up and contribute significantly to the store's revenue.
  4. Extended Operating Hours - Many convenience stores operate 24/7, offering fueling services at all times. This particularly appeals to drivers who need to refuel during late hours when other fueling stations might be closed. If you operate a 24/7 location, it is vital to stay on top of gas pump repair in Texas so that your dispensers are available for your customers day or night.
  5. Frequent Customer Base - Many convenience stores have established loyal customers over time due to their convenient locations, extended hours, and diverse offerings. This customer base contributes to consistent gasoline sales.
  6. Competitive Pricing - Convenience stores often compete with larger gas station chains by offering competitive fuel prices. This pricing strategy can attract cost-conscious drivers and further increase gasoline sales.
  7. Marketing and Branding - Convenience stores use marketing strategies to position themselves as convenient and reliable options for fueling. Effective branding and advertising can attract more customers to their gasoline offerings. In addition to gas pump repair in Texas, we also install new dispensers, like the DFS Anthem UX, which have built-in POS displays to allow additional marketing direct to your customers while they are at the pump.

In summary, convenience stores sell a significant amount of gas due to their strategic locations, the appeal of one-stop shopping, impulse buying, extended hours, and various marketing strategies. These factors combine to create a successful business model that caters to drivers' fueling needs while encouraging additional purchases. When you work with PumpTex, we can perform routine maintenance and gas pump repairs in Texas to keep your convenience store serving your customers smoothly.

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