Servicing Your On-Site Fueling & Fleet Fueling Solutions

Servicing Your On-Site Fueling & Fleet Fueling Solutions

In addition to providing retail locations with gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas, PumpTex also serves commercial sites. This includes fleet fueling solutions, commercial storage tanks, and businesses with on-site fueling capabilities. We can offer commercial gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and provide repairs and maintenance on storage tanks for our commercial clients.

Why Choose Onsite Fueling?

If your business operates a large fleet of commercial vehicles, you depend on fuel for the day-to-day activities of your business. There are several ways you can refuel these vehicles, but one of the most convenient would be to add on-site fueling capabilities. In many industries, refueling vehicles on-site at the beginning of the work day can be much more convenient and cost-effective. Some of the benefits associated with having your own on-site fleet fueling solution include:

  • Accessibility - On-site fueling allows better accessibility to fuel for those relying on it for day-to-day operations, especially in times of shortages or emergencies. A private supply eliminates the need to drive around looking for well-stocked gas stations.
  • Affordability - In many cases, purchasing wholesale fuel for private sites at rates below what you expect to pay for retail fueling is possible.
  • Convenience & Efficiency - On-site fueling can help to minimize driver downtime as they can refuel at the start or end of their working day without the need to find a retail gas station. Fueling at a retail location is not always fast since they are also open to the general public and are only sometimes particularly suited to larger vehicles, making maneuverability trickier.

Maintaining Your On-Site Fueling

Your on-site fleet fueling solution will only be effective if it is kept in good working order. That’s where PumpTex steps in. We offer preventative maintenance programs and gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas designed to keep you pumping. We can help you comply with the Federal, State, and local regulations required to keep your on-site fueling site in operation. We can also service your dispensers and storage tanks to keep on top of any wear and tear that might be present. It is always better to identify potential faults early on when Pumptex can quickly repair them rather than wait for them to grow into more significant issues resulting in a breakdown. We recommend regular site inspections to carry out preventative maintenance and ensure everything complies. This includes looking for damage, potential leaks, fuel contamination, and more.

Outside of your scheduled maintenance, we also offer gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX, with a rapid response time. We operate a first-time fix policy, meaning that our technicians have most parts on their truck with them for immediate repair on the first visit whenever possible. We understand that being able to fuel your vehicles is essential to your business. We prioritize keeping you pumping to minimize disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

Choosing Your Fleet Control System

A big part of successful on-site fueling for your fleet is choosing the right products to meet your needs. PumpTex can offer more than just gas pump repair in San Antonio, TX. We also install dispensers and other equipment. Our sales team is happy to discuss your options and help you make the right choice for your business. Some of the models that are currently popular include the Wayne Select Series of fuel dispensers. These are an excellent choice for various commercial situations, from marinas to fleet fueling depots and everything in between! Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these dispensers offer high-speed fueling, reliable functionality, and easy management. These versatile features are contained in a durable unit built to withstand the elements and last!

We also highly recommend the PV Family of OPW Fleet Control solutions, which offer secure, accurate, and reliable fuel dispensing and tracking for unattended fueling operations. Call us at 888-906-7867 or email to find out more about these options.

Who Can Make Use of Fleet Fueling Solutions?

There are a variety of businesses that may benefit from on-site fueling solutions or fleet fueling management. Any business managing a large fleet of commercial vehicles, including waste management providers, equipment rentals, trucking companies, and more. We also provide commercial fueling solutions to marinas, construction companies, and a wide variety of other commercial sites with on-site fuel dispensers and storage tanks.

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